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Yachtclub Flandria

Welcome at the site of Yachtclub Flandria Brugge vzw

Flandria is situated a few hundred yards from the famous "Minnewater" . It only takes you a 10 minutes' walk to reach the historical town-centre

Sailing through Brugge

Our marina is situated on the Canal Bruges-Ghent, and is situated on the port-side, at about 1 km past Steenbrugge brug. It takes approximately 4 hours from Gent (Evergem) tot Flandria. Bridge-service for Steenbrugge is reached on Channel 18 (Call the "Kruispoort
Ostend is at about 25 km' distance. Take into account that you'll need about 5 hours to reach Flandria, that includes waiting at the Dampoortsluis and passing the other bridges. You will find the Marina just after the "Katelijnebrug", on starboard-side. You' ll need another 5 minutes to run into the harbour. The lock and bridges are serviced by the Central Dispatch at Channel 18. Mind the service-table

Mobility is guaranteed by the existing bus-services and the nearby railway-station. Starting at the Marina, several trips by bike makes it possible to discover the town and the "Brugse Ommeland", the surroundings of Bruges. Once the boating-season is over, our Clubhouse offers any number of possibilties to organize events or private parties

Contact and Mooring availability

Due to the fact that our Marina is very popular in the summertime, it is wise to communicate your arrival beforehand, supplying date of arrival and the length of your vessel. It allows the habourmaster to secure you a good mooring-space
Please contact the harbourmaster: Parick De Schrijver



Yachtclub Flandria has 70 individual landing-stages available , each of them has facilities for water and electricity (16A). The maximal length of the vessels is limited to 15m (50ft).
At the opposite side, there is another mooring-facility, which is also equipped with electricity and water . This can handle boats of more than 50 ft
There are 4 Showers available, as well as , washing-machines en driers ,free wifi
The infrastructure and facilities are accessible for disabled visitors.

Fees for visitors , included electricity

Boats max 15 m :16 euro / night
> 15 m < 18 m 20 euro / night
> 18 m < 21 m 23 euro / night
> 21 m < 30 m 28 euro / night
> 30 m 31 euro / night

Slipway 10 euro

Summertime plus electricity

From 1 april – 31 oktober
Max 15 m 390 eur / month 
> 15 m < 18 m 490 euro / month
> 18 m < 21 m 570 euro /month
> 21 m < 30 m 690 euro /month
> 30 m 790 euro/ month


Boits on trailers/ per movement 10 euro